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This is a complete installation package for ForestSafe Express. It includes ALL features and can be used for 30 days. After the trial period you can view a 'menu' of which features you have used, and purchase a licence to continue using them, or remove the package.

Yes we like to tell our customers exactly what licenses they need before they purchase. If 131 computers need managing then a license for 131 Operating System is required, not 150 or 200 keeping your licencing costs to a minimum.


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End User Licence Agreement

Trial Period: 30 Days


ForestSafe Express installation is fast and simple and is covered in the User Guide and is also covered along with every configuration in the Tutorial Videos.


During the trial an unlimited licence for all features of ForestSafe express is given. At the end of the trial you can view exactly what licenses you will require to continue using the system, keeping your costs to a minimum. Try it, size it and buy it.

All Downloads

ForestSafe Update Download Size
ForestSafe Update

Update all ForestSafe Services (Primary/Secondary/Proxy/Local) to latest version

196 MB

ForestSafe Service Installations Download Size
ForestSafe Installer

Primary Forest Installation on a single Server

566 MB
ForestSafe Guacamole Terminal Linux Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine OVA for import.

1333 MB
ForestSafe Guacamole Terminal as a Windows Service

Virtual Machine run inside a Windows Service. Not supported on Hyper-V.

1333 MB
ForestSafe OCR Service Installer

Process Remote Terminal Session output and extracts the OCR data

137 MB
ForestSafe Secondary Installer

Standby Forest Installation on a secondary Server for High Availability

488 MB
ForestSafe Local Installer

Primary Forest Installation on a single Server using Windows Local Authentication only

489 MB
ForestSafe Proxy Installer

Bridge authentication between non trusting Windows Domains

82 MB

ForestSafe Adaptor Installations Download Size
ForestSafe Sharepoint adaptor

Install on Sharepoint Servers to be managed by ForestSafe

260 KB
ForestSafe IBM Lotus Adaptor

Install on IBM Lotus servers for managing ID file passwords

258 KB

Microsoft .NET Framework Download Size
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1

Multi language

68 MB
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

Multi language

68 MB

IBM User Account Management Download Size
IBM i Access for Windows

Multi language

286 MB