ForestSafe Installation

ForestSafe Installations Download Size
ForestSafe Domain Installer

Primary installation on Domain Member Server

1.8 GB
ForestSafe Local Installer

Installation using Windows Local Authentication only

1.8 GB
ForestSafe Secondary Installer

Standby Installation on secondary Server for High Availability

1.9 MB
ForestSafe Break Glass DR Installer

Access emergency passwords when ForestSafe system is unavailable.

1.1 GB

ForestSafe Remote Terminal, Video and OCR Installations Download Size
ForestSafe Guacamole Terminal Linux 1.2.5 ISO installer

Installation ISO file

457 MB
ForestSafe VIDEO/OCR Service Installer

OCR Service. Licensed technology from Kofax

670 MB
ForestSafe Proxy Installations Download Size
ForestSafe Proxy Installer

Bridge authentication between Windows Domains

369 MB
ForestSafe Local Proxy Installer

Manage systems inside internal secure firewall networks

446 MB
ForestSafe DMZ Service Installer

Install in DMZ enable secure public internet HTTPs Access

320 MB
ForestSafe Adaptor Installations Download Size
ForestSafe Sharepoint adaptor

Install on Sharepoint Servers to be managed by ForestSafe

260 KB
ForestSafe IBM HCL Domino Adaptor

Install on IBM Lotus servers for managing ID file passwords

258 KB
ForestSafe Client Installations Download Size
ForestSafe Web Logon Client

Password free logon to Web Applications

E.g. VMWare ESXi, Fortigate, Extreme .. many more

418 MB
ForestSafe AS/400 TN5250 Client

Password free logon to AS/400

71 MB
ForestSafe 4.5.147 Legacy Installations Download Size
ForestSafe 4.5.147 Break Glass

Access emergency passwords when ForestSafe system is unavailable

1.1 GB